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Permanent Tee Times

A great way to guarantee your spot on Saturday or Sunday! 

$320 per foursome

Tee Times run for 22 weeks: April 10th & 11th through September 11th & 12th (No tee times on August 15th & 16th due to Club Championship and August 28th due to full course outings)

Rules for 2021
This year we will have an end of the year Permantent Tee Time dinner where we will give out prizes.  Each foursome will compete in blind contests each week. We will keep track of winning 4 somes and they will recieve points each week.  The winners of each week will not be announced until the dinner that will take place in late September.  Your entry fee to be a Permanent Tee Time player will go towards dinner and prizes.  One player out of the foursome will be in charge of turning the scorecard into the proshop after their round with all 4 player's scores for the 18 holes.  To work properly, in order to get a Permanent Tee Time you will be required to have the same 4 players and all players must purchase an A (Unlimited Golf) season pass.  Attached below is the sign up sheet to get in the Permanent Tee Time Drawing.  Due to restricitons, I will keep anyone who signs up informed of when the drawing will be.  

2021 Permanent Tee Time

A Jewel of North Shore Golf