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Course Layout

The Bonnie Brook course layout accomplishes the difficult double task of challenging the serious golfer while helping the rookie relax and learn this classic game. It is a beautiful, scenic par 72 that can be enjoyed by anyone.

For example, take our third hole. It's a brisk par 3 that measures 191 yards from the back tees, but the layout dares golfers to carry their tee shot over a picturesque pond onto a large, undulated green. On the backside, the 11th hole faces players with a shorter, risk versus reward decision. Risk takers will surely reach for a driver and attempt an elevated tee shot to the green -- a sizeable 320 yards away with water on the left and bunkers on the right.

The bottom line is that whether you're a brand new player or a scratch golfer, you can head out to Bonnie Brook and have a great time.

Pine Brook Golf Course map

Course Tour

Hole 1 tee box

Hole 1

Your welcome to Bonnie Brook is a straightforward par 5 with an elevated tee, a creek bisecting the hole and an uphill shot into the green. This hole, the second longest of the course, is a three-shot par 5 for all but the longest of hitters. Be aware of pin placement on your approach into the green. There is a false front to the green which will cause any shot to the beginning of the green to roll backward into the fairway. Five is a good score on this starting hole

Hole 2 tee box

Hole 2

Short par 4 with bunkers left and out-of-bounds right. Not necessarily a driver hole, more important to position your tee shot to the right side of the fairway to avoid the big free on the left just before the green. Green is very receptive to most shots in, but an approach over the green makes for trouble. Chance for an early birdie here.

Hole 3 tee box

Hole 3

Great par 3 with a green that slopes severely from back to front. Check the wind on your tee shot any ball above the hole will make for a difficult par. Over the green is absolute jail.

Hole 4 tee box

Hole 4

Accurate tee shot needed here to navigate this hole. One of the longer par 4 holes on the course, a mid to long iron approach will be needed for most. Bunkers on the right and left guard the deep green. Divide green into thirds and keep it on the correct level to have a chance at birdie or par. Long putts on this hole are very difficult to read.

Hole 5 tee box

Hole 5

Shortest par 5 on course starts from a slightly elevated tee, goes into a small valley, and then back up to the green. Longer hitters can get home in two but only if tee shot is played to the right side of fairway. Be careful of the dogleg left in the middle of the hole, it will cause some to aim too far right on their second shot where their ball will easily find trouble. One of the flatter greens, once again long is not where you want to be.

Hole 6 tee box

Hole 6

Par 3 always seems to play a bit longer than the stated yardage Narrow green guarded by bunkers both left and right. Bunkers have high faces making distance control for shots out of them difficult. Make your par and go on.

Hole 7 tee box

Hole 7

Dogleg right seems more narrow from the tee than it really is. Long tee shots will have more landing room on the right side of the fairway than it appears. Approach is dramatically uphill, take one more club than normal. Green starts a bit back from the top hill so don't be shy.

Hole 8 tee box

Hole 8

Long hitters feel free to bomb it here on this dogleg right, but you better have a cut in your bag. Even straight tee shots that are long seem to go through the fairway. A wise play is a tee ball at the 150 yard pole and take your changes from there. Green is framed by bunkers left and right, but does not have much slope. A good approach here will give you a great chance at birdie.

Hole 9 tee box

Hole 9

Aesthetically pleasing from the tee, this uphill front 9 finisher is a hole that just begs you to grip it and rip it. A tee shot in between the tree lines left and right gives you a great angle to this sloping green. One MUST, do not be above the hole. If you are a three putt may be in your future.

Hole 10 tee box

Hole 10

Hopefully you got some nourishment at the turn because you will need all your strength for this hole. Playing at 450 yards from the back, this hole will require most to hit anything from a long iron to a fairway wood into this green. The fence line left is out-of-bounds so play safe toward the right side for a good angle in. Might need an up-and-down to save par here.

Hole 11 tee box

Hole 11

This is classic risk/reward hole that is drivable from all trees. Water runs up the left and bunkers on right. Play it safe and use the club off the tee that you can keep straight and you should have a short iron in. Or take a chance and bust one at the green. A long, straight drive will either leave you putting for an eagle or chipping to set up a tap-in birdie. Green is well guarded.

Hole 12 tee box

Hole 12

Big dogleg right, a good aim point for your tee shot is at the left edge of the bridge on the far side of the fairway. You must hit the tee shot to the middle of the fairway or farther to have an angle to the green. If you leave it short or right, you will more than likely have to punch out before going at the green. Approach always seems to play shorter than the distance and long is dead.

Hole 13 tee box

Hole 13

Okay big hitters, rip it! If you can launch a long and high rocket, take aim directly at the green that plays 320 yards from the tip. The safe (smart) play is to hit a shorter shot off the tee, just right of the tree line on the left side. Even if you go through the fairway, par is still a possibility. Green is tricky with a log of sloping. If pin is in the front, don't be past it.

Hole 14 tee box

Hole 14

This is the longest hole at Bonnie Brook. Slight dogleg right off the tee. Avoid the two big trees about 100 yards off the tee and you should be okay. Even if you are a bit wild off the tee, par is still a possibility. For the longest hitters, take a rip with a three wood or hybrid for your second and see if it's eagle time. Green is well receptive to run up shots and will also hold a long approach well.

Hole 15 tee box

Hole 15

This is one of the longer par 4s on the course. Favor the left side of the fairway off the tee. A straight shot toward the right side usually will find the rough and tree line. Second shot is quite uphill and plays one club longer than the yardage. Very large green can leave you with one of your longer pulls of the day.

Hole 16 tee box

Hole 16

The big hitters can fly the water and leave themselves a little wedge into this narrow green. For most, the smart play is a lay-up off the tee to leave a 120-150 shot in. Green is well guarded by bunkers and has subtle undulations that make reading your putt difficult.

Hole 17 tee box

Hole 17

This is a solid par 3. Depending on the wind, you may have a 5-6 dub difference off the tee from day to day. Green has severe slope from back to front, so stay below the hole. A tee shot just short of the green leaves a fairly easy chip shot and a great chance to get up-and-down.

Hole 18 tee box

Hole 18

Wonderful finishing hole, uphill off the tee to a fairway that slopes greatly from the right side to the left. Hole is shaped on each side with tall trees. If you find yourself in these trees, the best option is to take your medicine and just get your ball back in play. If you try to be heroic here, you can make a big number. Because of the slope of the fairway, most shots will move left into the green. Position on the green is key. If you are above the hole, bring your chipping club with you. You may need it after your first putt. Stay BELOW the hole.

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